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#99: The Con is On


Answer: Stan Lee.

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#98: The Born Identity

Logo of what national scheme?

Answer: Aadhar UIDAI scheme.

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#97: Pope of Fools

Who is commemorated on this €2 commemorative coin  of Spain?

Answer: Cervante’s Don Quixote.

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#96: Map on the Flag

Flag of which island nation?

Answer: Cyprus. The flag shows the map of the nation on it.

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#95: Feel Connected

The very first logo of which global business giant?

Answer: Nokia

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#94: Always with mom

Which film?

Answer: Not Without my Daughter.

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#93: The Revolve-rs

Identify this duo and their contribution to astronomy.


Answer: Tycho Brahe, known for his accurate planetary and astronomical observations and Johannes Kepler, who stated the laws of planetary motion based on Brahe’s calculations.

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#92: This should have been #140

What word have I blanked out?

Answer: Tweets it is!

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#90: I Gotta Work

Caricature of?

Answer: Bill Waterson, author of the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”.

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