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#89: Cultural Learnings

A long disclaimer at the starting of which film?

Answer: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

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#88: And Beyond

Headquarters of which company are situated here?

Answer: Apple Inc. @Aviral: Google headquarters are called Googleplex.

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#87: Conquest, war, famine, death

What are they called?

Answer: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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#86: Inshort, LoL

Identify the legend.

Answer: The Lady of the Lake giving the Excalibur Sword to King Arthur.

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#85: Woodcutter has 3

Print ad for what brand?

Answer: Axe

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#84: Humorous Nest

Identify this Indian and the company he started:(A point for each)

Answer: Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems.

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#83: He’s been Spotted

Identify the circled man.

Answer: Dr. Salim Ali, the famous ornithologist.

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#82: Urban Jungle

Map of?

Answer: Central Park, in New York.

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#81: Horse from Italia

Statue to commemorate whom?

Answer: Rocky Balboa.

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