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#59: Mugged


Notice: This blog will be on a break from tomorrow, i.e. Monday 26th July till Sunday 1st August due to my college examinations. Questions will commence on 2nd August. Thank you.

Answer: Kurt Cobain.

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#58: Cerium

Sculpture commemorating whom?

Answer: Dmitri Mendeleev surrounded by the Periodic table in a circular form. If you notice there are 18 lines each featuring 7 parts.

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#57: Touch-Me-Not

Identify the myth.

Answer: The Midas Touch in which his daughter turns to gold when Midas touches her.

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#56: Zor Lagaa Ke

Ok,another print ad…For what brand?

Answer: Fevicol. Pranav gives the right explanation.

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#55: Up!!!

Print ads for?

Answer: Viagra. Cracked only by v. chandrashekhar! I thought this one was easy…

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#54: Lady’s Best Friend

What? Where? Why? Put fundae.

Answer:Street lamps are in the form of Hershey’s Kisses on Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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#53: Outside the Box


Answer: The only three flags not to be rectangular in shape: Switzerland, Vatican City and Nepal. The first two are in fact, the only two square flags. While Nepal’s is, well, a bit hard to define…

Kudos to V.Chandrashekhar who gets his Silver Jubilee 25th question right with this crack.

@Pranav: Thanks for the compliment.

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#51: The Axe Effect

Which legendary lumberjack is being depicted here?

Answer: Paul Bunyan.

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#50: Czech Melody

Waveform of which hit song?

Answer: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

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